Mona Vale Yoga

with Jo Longhurst

Jo Longhurst teaches Mona Vale Yoga at the Mona Vale Surf Club. Classes are open to all abilities and cater for the individual needs of students. Jo is a qualified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

In a class  Jo will assess a students ability and get them to do the yoga poses that are within their capability with the assistance of Yoga props if required.

Individual adjustments to correct alignment and posture are common place. This results in students doing Yoga within their physical capability and without causing injury.

It is very important that you tell Jo of any injuries or medical condition before you start a session so Jo can correctly assess you and tailor the class for your individual requirements.

Mona Vale Yoga

Health Space Yoga Mona Vale

Jo Longhurst is the manager for Health Space Yoga Mona Vale and all the classes are run from the Mona Vale Surf Club. For more information about the Health Space Classes at the Surf Club click the Health Space Logo

Beginners Yoga Mona Vale

Yoga classes in Mona Vale are open to students all abilities. Don’y worry if you are a beginner you can attend any of Jo’s classes.

Iyengar yoga is built around teaching students with mixed abilities. The teaching is geared to the individual need of the student. With the use of Iyengar props all abilities are able to do similar poses without feeling any sense of inferiority. The props maintain alignment without extending into the full strength pose.

All equipment is provided including props mat and belts. I f you want to bring your own mat that is not a problem


Private Mona Vale Yoga

If you have a lack of confidence to start a group yoga class some beginners prefer to have a few of Jo’s Private Yoga lessons to get the feel for Yoga. This also allows Jo to fully assess the students ability and have an informal chat about Yoga goals and how best to move forward. Private lesson are not essential though and beginners who feel confident can start a class straight away. Private lessons are also great for students who have a condition or injury that Jo can work at in greater detail in a one on one session.

It is very important that you tell Jo about any medical conditions or injury before you do a yoga class. Jo can then tailor the class to avoid any aggravation of the condition or risk any further injury.

Jo also teaches Yoga for Kids, Workplace Yoga across North Sydney and a Monthly Iyengar Rope Yoga Workshop.

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