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Private Yoga
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Private Yoga

Jo teaches private yoga and is more than happy to visit you at a suitable time or run a class from either the Avalon or Mona Vale studios. These classes can be of great benefit for those with particular ailments, those wanting a one on one intensive class or those starting their yoga journey but just lack a bit of confidence. Jo will concentrate on providing a yoga session that will target your specific needs and perform hands on correction to deepen your yoga understanding and learn correct posture.

Classes are normally an hour long and very beneficial. If you have any particular ailment it is important that you let Jo know in advance so all correct equipment can be at hand for your class.

The benefits:

  • One on One tailored intensive Yoga class
  • Self confidence.
  • Fitness, health and well being.
  • Undivided attention to your particular ailments
  • Concentrated corrections and yoga technique

Private Yoga whether at your home, office or at Jo’s studios includes all the required yoga equipment including mats. If you have your own that’s fine. Charges may vary with travelling distance. Sessions are normally an hour long. If you have any questions you can chat with Jo for free advice without any obligation.


Private Yoga and injuries

Jo’s Private Yoga sessions are perfectly suited to students with injury or medical conditions. The class can be individually tailored to comphrehensively deal with specific pain relief and provide a remedial programme for ongoing strengthening and rehabilitation.

As part of Jo’s Iyengar Yoga training she also had to qualify in human anatomy and so her understanding of the human body is expansive. Iyengar yoga can be extremely helpful in dealing with a lot of common problems

  • Back Pain
  • Sciatic issues
  • Neck and shoulder problems
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Natal issues and more  

Jo will work on any of these specific issues and work on improving your alignment to remediate pain and build strength in maintaining a better posture. Bad posture is a significant contributor to back and painful problems, 


This is a great way to deepen your yoga for YOU.  Specific tailored classes for needs. Yoga can help you through injuries or stiffness.

The physical aspects of yoga coupled with Jo’s medical understanding of the human body, means you can start to regain control of your health and general well being.  Working on areas of the body that need strengthening to maintain wellness will enable tension and stress relief across the whole body. Strength brings release.

You must inform Jo of any and all diagnosed conditions and any current pain or change in pain you are feeling. Jo will ensure that the class regime will not put further stress on any ailment.

Once you have taken Private Yoga classes and feel more confident or your condition has improved you are more than welcome to attend any of Jo’s Avalon Yoga Classes or her Mona Vale Yoga Sessions as well. Group Yoga sessions can be really great fun, social and rewarding to see how others are getting on with yoga.

For any further information please contact Jo on  0405 330613 or email

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Private Yoga Northern Beaches

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